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Numbness and tingling are most often the result of tight muscles or fascia that restricts the nerve or trigger points which directly cause tingling. Releasing these restrictions with DMR therapy® can easily and rapidly resolve these problems.

Peripheral neuropathy is the label given to numbness, tingling, burning and hyper-sensitivity in the hands or feet. These abnormal sensations are not at all unusual and frequently come about when the sensory nerves that supply these areas are somehow being squeezed or compressed.

Overworked or otherwise traumatized muscles that have been shortened and tightened by myofascial trigger points (tiny contraction knots) are very often the direct cause of this nerve compression.

The muscles involved in hand numbness can be in the chest, anterior neck, upper back, shoulder, arm or forearm. Foot numbness can be traced to muscles of the lower back, buttocks, lower leg and the foot itself.

Trigger points can also cause a muscle to clamp down of the blood flow in an artery, making the hands or feet feel cold. Blood flow in a vein can be impeded also, which can be the reason for swelling in your wrists and hands or ankles and feet.

The combined effects of these neurological and vascular compressions can cause one to drop things unexpectedly. Trigger points are not generally considered in these cases and symptoms are likely to be blamed on a neurological disease, a compressed disk, a pinched nerve or subluxation of a vertebra. These things are very real possibilities, but it is much more likely that myofascial trigger points are causing the problem either directly or because the nerve is strangled by the resulting tightened fascia or muscles. Even when diabetes or some other legitimate medical problem exists, trigger points can still be playing a significant part of your peripheral neuropathy.

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