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Worn cartilage is seldom the cause of painful joints. DMR Therapy® focuses on the true cause, and in this way can usually eliminate the pain in one session.

Many people arrive at my office with diagnoses that include destroyed or worn cartilage, especially those with knee problems and hip pain. They arrive with X rays demonstrating the worn cartilage, often having heard that “it’s bone on bone” to explain their pain. Knee or hip replacement have typically been recommended and many are already scheduled for surgery.

DMR Therapy® perspective:

It seems logical that if the joint is missing its cushioning cartilage there is nothing I can do, since I work only with my hands. But from my experience, with extremely rare exceptions, this pain disappears after eliminating trigger points in the muscles and tendons that attach to the bone in the painful knee area, stretching the involved fascia and eliminating the trigger points in the ligaments.

In the case of the hip, getting deep enough to release the gluteus muscles, the TFL, Quadratus Lumborum and sometimes other muscles in that area, is normally all that is needed to eliminate this pain that is supposedly caused by worn cartilage.

My conclusion is that rarely, if ever, does the pain actually result from worn cartilage.

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