Everything you need to know about pain and how we can help you

DMR Therapy® in many cases frees the physical constriction that may be holding in emotional trauma.

The fascia is the three dimensional structure of this corporal memory and has a direct connection to emotions. The body is a reflection of the mind and stores traumas and memories much more faithfully than the mind, which has a way of twisting, obfuscating and forgetting. Physically releasing tightness and pain caused by these emotions often releases the emotions that created the pain. What is hidden and “forgotten” is what has power. By shining a mental spotlight on the area of pain, the person can then let it go and its power and its effects can often dissolve, disappearing almost like magic. Deep Myofascial Release in many cases frees the physical constriction that may be holding in emotional trauma.

Loss, hurt and heartbreak affects one’s heart. Though time heals to some degree, the physical effects often stay, and continue affecting one both physically and emotionally. By working deep into the fascia and muscles of the chest, for example, one can reconnect with the unconscious memory and then release it. The chest can then be felt to be more open, breathing becomes easier and the heart more easily expanded permitting an emotional release that is often even more profound and transformational than the physical.

Unhealthy fascia is rigid and can encase the body like a straitjacket, restricting muscular function. Often it develops so gradually one is not aware of it until it is released. Since the fascia encases the muscle, stretching it can allow the muscle to release so that later work on that muscle is much more effective. Stretching of the fascia also can have a deeply relaxing effect, creating almost a trancelike state and allowing a release of energy and reestablishing a connection with one’s spiritual source.

Most all musculoskeletal pain is a combination of muscle or fascia pain, the percentage or degree depending on each individual. Fascia can be stretched physically. Muscle tissue can be relaxed easily, but often it has to be cajoled, worked with, convinced to release. To do this one often needs to play with and trick the unconscious mind that controls the muscle to let go of its defenses and release. Often just the right amount of pressure applied at the right place is where one begins. The mind focuses on the pain in that muscle and it slowly relaxes. As it relaxes the pain decreases and over the course of a session a biofeedback mechanism often kicks in and the body learns that by releasing the muscle the pain recedes and it begins to respond faster and faster. It is often that simple. Pain that has been carried for years is released in a matter of minutes.

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