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In the competitive world of sports, athletes search for two critical components of success:  enhanced performance and rapid recovery from injury. Deep Myofascial Release® can benefit athletes in both these areas, as well as preventing athletic injuries to a significant degree.

The soft tissues—our muscles and fascia—create the body’s shock absorption system, the elasticity of the joints, and the springiness in one’s step. Tightness in these tissues restricts movement and reduces the body’s ability to absorb impact. This loss of shock absorption is the greatest contributor to athletic injuries.

DMR Therapy® increases performance in four important ways:

  • Tight fascia restricts joint function, demanding slightly greater effort in each movement. Releasing this restriction results in freer, unrestricted movement.
  • The same is true for tight antagonist muscles which need to release completely to allow complete freedom of movement.
  • In addition to the antagonists, tension in any of the muscles causes them to be constantly working and sapping energy. Releasing this tension allows the muscles to rest and recover as well as allowing that extra burst of energy.
  • The action of a muscle is to contract. Tension is partial contraction, so to the degree that the muscle is contracted, it loses that much contractile force. As the tension is reduced a slight but measurable increase in energy and performance results.


Not only is this therapy by far the fastest road to recovery from injury, but releasing tight soft tissues with DMR Therapy® can reduce injuries to a significant degree.

Stretching restricted fascia and releasing tight muscles with DMR Therapy® can often dramatically heighten performance five to eight percent or more, often in just one or two sessions. The most significant benefit of this therapy however, is in the rapidity and effectiveness in eliminating pain, recovery from injuries and the possibility that with DMR Therapy®, many unnecessary surgeries can be prevented.

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