Everything you need to know about pain and how we can help you

Although hip pain is very common and can last for years, with DMR therapy® it can be quite easy to eliminate.

Hip pain is most often diagnosed as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, stenosis, spondylitis, sciatica, problems in the vertebrae of the back or “natural” wear of the joint. The misunderstanding of the origin of such pain can often result in ineffective treatment. Relief of this problem can be much more rapid and simple than normally believed because hip pain generally does not come from bones or nerves, but from the muscle and fascia.

In 80% or more of cases diagnosed as sciatica, the real cause is not a pinched nerve but simply trigger points in one or more of the gluteus muscles or the TFL above the hip joint. The pain pattern created can ge exactly the same as sciatic pain.

Arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis of the hip may be diagnosed when generally it is the muscle itself that is the source of the pain. Tendinitis and bursitis occur when a tense and contracted muscle puts tension on its attachment. Often the source of the pain is not at the joint at all but from one of three nearby muscles that may have trigger points that refer the pain directly into the joint (which is most often the case). The pain associated with “worn” joints or vertebrae usually disappears after working deep into the muscle and fascia and releasing its tension.

Treatment of these problems and others associated with muscular-skeletal pain can be evaluated and treated more rapidly by addressing the underlying causes non-invasively, and with a greater degree of success with DMR therapy®.

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