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Nearly every day people arrive at my office with a diagnosis of hip pain or sciatica. They have been told that they need, or have even had, hip or back surgery for their pain. Over the last 10 years, however, I can count on the fingers of one hand those who had actually needed such surgery.

Most people who come to me with hip pain or “sciatica” have a problem with specific muscles that are the actual cause of their pain or dysfunction. “Causes” such as a worn or rough joint, loss of cartilage, arthrosis or arthritis might be present, but these are rarely the source of the pain.

The patient may be told, for example, that the problem arises from vertebrae L4 and L5 in the lower back, and irregularities in this area may appear on X rays. Although many people do have some pain in this weak area of the back, it seldom has any relationship to hip pain.

Trigger points in the Gluteus Medius muscle, however, are extremely common and are usually the culprit here. They can create a pain pattern that is identical to sciatica. This can be demonstrated by pressing on the corresponding trigger point. The increased sciatic pain is an indication that this is the true source. By releasing this trigger point the pain disappears. It is normally as simple as that.

The Gluteus Medius as well as the TFL and sometimes the QL can also send pain directly to the hip joint, which then is often diagnosed as “trochanteric bursitis”. Again, releasing the corresponding trigger points with DMR Therapy® can normally eliminate this quite easily.

Another less common source of pain is restriction of the sciatic nerve by a tight muscle such as the piriformis, which is just another muscle problem. True sciatic pain is relatively rare and often feels like an electric current that travels down the leg to the knee and sometimes to the foot when pressure is applied in the L4, L5 area of the lower back.

Far too many people come to me still suffering from their original hip pain after submitting to totally unnecessary lower back surgery for sciatica. DMR Therapy® specializes in treating back and hip pain and restoring function without resorting to endless therapy sessions or invasive, dangerous—and ineffective—surgeries.

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