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DMR Therapy® is an effective, and non-invasive approach to preventing breast cancer. Because of the complexity of breast tissue, the potential for blockages, stagnation and congestion in the form of cysts or lumps is great. Cancer has to begin somewhere. These congested areas are where problems begin. They are fertile grounds where toxins can get trapped and fester and where cancer cells are protected from the immune system.


In two distinct ways: By releasing the pectoral muscles, which, if tight, can impede circulation, and by manipulating the breast tissue itself to dissolve lumps and eliminate congestion, thereby optimizing the immune system.


The breast is a very complex structure with its system of ducts, glands, connective and fatty tissues that go through many changes brought on by monthly hormonal variation and those realized during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Breasts are mounted to the chest wall with a delicate system of ligaments. The circulation in the breast is performed by arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Combined, they bring nutrition to the cells, clean out cellular waste and toxins and carry the T-cells, leukocytes, white blood cells, enzymes and antibodies that the body produces to fight pathogens that cause disease.


The most important aspect of breast health and cancer prevention is to keep this immune system, this complex defense mechanism, working efficiently so that it can effectively fight disease. As long as the immune system is working well, any pathogens or toxins will be immediately flushed out and any cancer or diseased cells will be attacked and neutralized. When one’s immunological system is sufficiently strong, cancer cells are destroyed by it and are never allowed to multiply to form tumors.


One extremely important factor affecting the immune system and breast circulation is the muscles of the chest wall. The lymph circulates throughout the body in a manner similar to blood, but it doesn’t have its own propulsion system and depends on contraction of muscles. The lymphatic system empties into the circulatory system at only two points in the body, both in the chest, after weaving through the pectoral muscles and breasts. When the pectoral muscles are tight, and they are often extremely so, circulation is strangled off at that point, impairing the flow and efficiency of the whole immune system, but especially in the breasts.

Pectoral muscles are commonly tight in women for many reasons. It can be as a result of stress, from lifting small children or babies or just from the weight of larger, lactating breasts. These muscles can be so tense and hard as to form trigger points within the muscle tissue that can cause extreme pain in the muscle, in the breast itself, in the arm or even the heart. These muscles can pull the shoulders forward and cause much neck and back pain and headaches.

Before addressing the breast tissue itself, it is important that these muscles are released so that the toxins and waste released as the breast tissue is manipulated can be eliminated efficiently. DMR Therapy® specializes in releasing tight muscles and fascia. Release of the chest muscles also opens the chest and can free the arms of pain and restriction.


As mentioned above, stagnation and congestion in the form of cysts or lumps are fertile grounds where toxins can get trapped and fester and where cancer cells are protected from the immune system.

Careful manipulation of the breast tissue with DMR Therapy® stimulates the circulation which helps nourish the cells and eliminate toxins. This stimulation also activates the immune system and creates an environment so that the body can protect and heal itself. Painful lumps are often the most responsive. By relaxing the tissue, these lumps are often easily dissolved and reabsorbed into the body, thereby eliminating a potential breeding ground for pathogens where disease often begins.


Cancer is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Though it manifests in the body, it begins with emotional or spiritual trauma that has not been fully articulated, examined or processed. Since the body is a reflection of the mind, cancer is often the physical manifestation of mental trauma. Stress is often the biggest factor in the suppressed immune system, so it is of the utmost importance to eliminate stress from one’s life.

The breast is designed to nourish a young child. In a more figurative sense, love is nourishment. When we are traumatically separated from someone we love, from ourselves or sometimes even a pet, breast cancer can be triggered by this traumatic separation if the situation goes unresolved.

According to Dr. Ryke Hamer, M.D., creator of the German New Medicine, a right-handed woman associates her left breast with her child, her mother and her home or nest. Her right breast is associated with her partner (spouse, brother or sister, neighbor, boss). The trauma can be death, divorce or conflict. In a left-handed woman, the situation is reversed. For a more comprehensive view of Dr. Hamer’s ideas, please click on the following link:

His theory of how cancer develops is beyond my ability to evaluate, but I do believe in the emotional source and the necessity to resolve the underlying conflict. DMR Therapy® often arrives at the emotional source through bodywork. It can be faster and more efficient to find and resolve emotional issues by going directly to the body’s physical reflection of one’s mental state and working back from there.

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