Many people suffer from chronic pain that can be easily eliminated. Because the source of this pain is poorly understood, unnecessary medication and surgery are prescribed which often prove ineffective. DMR Therapy® is the best solution to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and avoid unnecessary joint surgery.

Who can benefit?

Those considering surgery

Be aware that there exists this highly effective, risk-free alternative.

Surgery cannot guarantee the complete elimination of pain. Many continue to have persistent pain or occasional pain caused by changes in weather or by strain during exercise. The objective of DMR Therapy® is not only to eliminate pain in one or two therapies, but to address its underlying causes. Since it is a non-invasive therapy, DMR has no side effects and does not require continual medication. For this reason, many athletes come to us before considering surgery.

Professional and amateur athletes

health at hand’s DMR Therapy® can enhance athletic performance by freeing up tight muscles and tendons that restrict movement. It also helps prevent injuries by restoring the natural shock absorbing function of the body’s soft tissues. We know that preventing all athletic injuries is not possible so DMR Therapy® also focuses on eliminating pain, decreasing recuperation time, and strengthening injured areas. Most importantly, this non-invasive therapy eliminates many unnecessary surgeries.


Athletes see more

Those experiencing general joint pain or injuries

Falls, mishaps while doing simple chores, extended computer work and bad posture are some of the factors that can result in pain or injuries. DMR Therapy® not only eliminates the pain associated with age or such injuries but also restores the natural function of the muscles, which helps prevent injury in the first place.


Who else can benefit

Popular Articles

The dilemma of persistent pain

DMR Therapy stretches and separates the fascia in a way that can restore it to a healthy state, freeing muscles and joints and allowing lymph and blood to flow freely-aiding healing and eliminating inflammation.

Torticollis (wry neck)

Torticollis is a soft tissue condition involving muscles and fascia. DMR Therapy® specializes in releasing this type of tissue.

The importance of adhesions after surgery

One of the aspects of surgery that is often overlooked is the adhesions that can result. The ensuing restriction and pain are often severe. DMR Therapy® is normally much faster and more effective than conventional therapy, is not invasive and has no negative side effects.

Back pain

The solution for your back pain may be simpler than you’ve been led to believe. Deep Myofascial Release goes to the source of the problem.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles Tendinitis is normally caused by trigger points in the lower leg muscles which puts strain on their attachments, causing inflammation. Releasing these trigger points and stretching the tightened, shortened fascia using DMR Therapy® normally ends the pain almost immediately.

Knee pain and problems: the thigh

The problems caused by Trigger Points can easily be diagnosed as a ligament or meniscus injury, tendinitis, bursitis and often arthritis. It is amazing how often this knee pain, which can be so debilitating can also be so easily eliminated using Deep Tissue Release.

Cartilage: inflamed or worn

Worn cartilage is seldom the cause of painful joints. DMR Therapy® focuses on the true cause, and in this way can usually eliminate the pain in one session.

Neck pain and headaches

Neck pain is one of the most common of complaints. However it is one of the easiest problems to treat using DMR therapy.

Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

Both of these problems are poorly understood and for this reason, treatments often lack effectiveness. DMR Therapy® comes from a different perspective, based on what is fast and effective.


The true cause of Costochondritis is not generally recognized, so treatment is often ineffective. DMR Therapy® focuses on the true cause which results in fast, effective treatment.

Tennis elbow

Muscle attachments at the elbow can be irritated by the unrelieved tension that trigger points produce in muscles. This can be the direct cause of any inflammation and degenerative changes that develop in the elbow. Even when inflammation is proven to exist, DMR therapy is the most appropriate treatment, because it goes to the source of the trouble.

Joint or bone deterioration

Joint or bone deterioration, generally speaking, is not the cause of joint pain. Most pain thought to arise from worn joints or cartilage is actually the result of tight, restricted soft tissue, which is much often easily treated with DMR Therapy®.

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